Mood Good-Smiles All Around Ring #MG016

HKD 1,499

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It is so easy to get swept up in the day-to-day and forget that we are surrounded by little things that bring us joy. The Smiles All Around Ring encourages you to look out for them and take a moment to enjoy them. The sunlight shining into your flat, cute dogs playing in the park or remembering that you have some uneaten chocolate hidden away somewhere… Bliss!

  • All Mood Good pieces are designed and made ethically, from recycled metals, in small workshops around East London.
  • The timeless designs are made to be worn and loved forever.
  • Each piece comes with a Care Card, in a classic Mood Good box, gift wrapped and with the option to add a gift message.
  • 18K gold vermeil
  • 3mm thick ball ring
  • Diameter 16.7 - 17.1mm, circumference 52.5 - 53.8mm