Kifaru Dog Collar

HKD 329
By Zuri

  • Hand-beaded by a Maasai women's collective in Kenya
  • Made with Kenyan leather, glass beads and a brass buckle
  • Produced by an ethical manufacturer that truly embraces a fair, kind and transparent work culture
  • Each color of these beaded works represents a symbolic value in Maasai culture:
    • Traditionally white signifies purity
    • Blue symbolizes energy and represents the sky
    • Green represents the land and health
    • Yellow and orange represent hospitality and warmth
    • Black represents the people
    • Red represents their bravery and strength
  • Each collar is individually handmade, so they may vary slightly from the images.
  • Measurement in inch
    Length to first hole
    長度 (至第一個孔)
    Length to last hole
    長度 (至最後一個孔)
    S 10 1/2" 13" 3/4"
    M 14 1/2" 17" 1"
    L 17 1/2" 20" 1 1/2"