Looptworks The Day Tripper Cinch-Sideshore Blue & Orange

品牌 Looptworks
Diverting excess kitesurfing sails from the landfills to your next morning commute or weekend getaway, The Day Tripper gives a second wind to looking fly.

Designed in collaboration with professional kiteboarder, neighbor, and fellow upcycler, Sensi Graves, the entire collection is crafted to be lightweight and tough as nails so it can endure the most demanding adventures without getting tired.

More than a simple cinch, outer zipper compartments offer easy access to essentials and naturally water resistant acrylic sail exterior keep the elements at bay. The lightweight nature of this bag makes it perfect for packing into another bag, accessible for wherever the journey takes you.

In addition to being your next summer essential, each bag conserves water, diverts waste from landfill, and reduces carbon emissions. So not only do you get an awesome new bag, but you have the story of sustainability that comes along with it.