HK Mask Patchwork Premium - Blue Floral


HK mask x Sew On Studio crossover collection - Upcycling masks

Combines the practicalities of HK mask and Sew On Studio's respect for materials, is an environmentally friendly mask with functionality and beauty.

All the mask fabrics are donated by the factory or the elderlies. Sew On Studio cherishes each piece of cloth, even if some are too small, some are a little vintage, some are a little plain, and some patterns are too eye-catching, but all of them have their own beauty.

Therefore, we hope that they can be combined to be a mask, we cut them in different sizes, and put together a new life without affecting the function of the mask.

In accordance with the summer weather, we specially add inner bones to the lining to increase the space within the mask, which is convenient for keeping dry in the hot and humid summer.

- Handmade in Hong Kong.
- 10 nano filters included.

*Exclusively sold by The Common Ground at Tsuen Wan Nanfeng Spinning Mill.

About HK Mask

HK Mask is reusable DIY mask, the double-layer cloth cover can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected, and the built-in replaceable filter element has been certified by Dr. K. Kwong, Compared with various DIY mask designs in the workshop, the characteristics of HK Mask are as follows:

  1. The filter has been certified by Dr. K. Kwong, Doctor of Chemistry, which can exert the effect of isolating and filtering the bacteria on viruses, pheasants, and flying pheasants in general surgical covers.
  2. The design of HK Mask filter with three sides protruding out of the cloth cover can ensure that the filter covers the entire mask, and it is also convenient to observe whether the filter is displaced.
  3. The steps of inserting the filter are very simple, reducing the chance of touching the filter with both hands and reducing the risk of contamination.