Nano Bag-Flamingo

HKD 489

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It is made of environment-friendly materials recycled from PET bottles. / It is characterized by its unique colors and tight-knit texture. / With knit creases, it can hold cell phones and simple possessions of various sizes. / The adjustable and detachable string allows for customization according to a given environment.

*This bag is not recommended for flip or foldable smartphones. 


Core Features 

- Lightweight mini knit pleats crossbody cell phone bag
- Suitable for various phone models with semi-permanent pleats
- Multi-functional & convenient to carry credit cards, keys, lipsticks, cash and other small items
- Comes with an adjustable and removable strap
- Firm knitting texture without sagging
- When not in use, easy to carry by folding along the pleats
- Size: 10cm width x 18cm height, handle length 120cm