Murano Shot Glass Smoky

HKD 159

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The Murano Shot Glass Smoky is from our range of Murano drinking glasses inspired by 1950s glass from Murano, Italy. This is a rustic and elegant shot glass designed for sipping your finest liquor.

  • Made entirely by hand, one can find slight variations in size, texture and color between each piece, which makes the products all the more unique.
  • At the base, below each piece, you will feel a small hollow. This indicates the location where the blower rod was broken once the piece was finished.
  • This is a mark of commitment to a 100% handmade product.
  • Made entirely of recycled, mouth-blown glass.
  • Approximately 9cm in height.
  • Slight variations in shape and size (about 1cm-2cm) may occur from piece to piece.
  • Each order is hand washed and packaged with care.
  • Although most of our products are dishwasher safe, we recommend that you wash them by hand to avoid scratches and maintain their luster. Not all plaster and terracotta parts are suitable for water.